Hexago.nl, the HexaCult

By: Comrade Eevee on September 05, 2019

@ComradeEevee Twitter

Is joining right for you?

Praise Hexagon!

I have finally finished the site where I will collect the lore of the HexaCult, as well as any derivative works about the HexaCult.

How did this start?

It started with a shitpost, as all good things in life do.

man sitting uncomfortably in a productivity hexagon

What is it about?

The goal of the HexaCult is simple. Maximum Productivity and Better living through Hexagons. We don't have many rules, just Praise Hexagon, Maximize Productivity, and Be Excellent to your fellow humans and anthromorphic animals.

How do I join?

Post about Hexagons! Realize how they can better your life! Add a Hexagon to your avatar or display name! Have fun! The point of this is to have fun. Please send me all your Hexagon Related Content so I may put it here.