About The HexaCult

It started with a shitpost...

man sitting uncomfortably in a productivity hexagon

The Shitpost began evolving...

Within minutes, the Productivity Hexagon took on its own life. This was a rebellion against all the ultra-AGILE, open office fuckery we all have to do endure. We knew that Productivity was the way to our future and Happiness.

Then it took on a life of its own...

With all great shitposts, they start to take on a life of their own. I was accused of starting a shape based cult since all of tech and infosec twitter were posting about Hexagons, and have been since.

The Cult

It's a fairly straight forward cult. We worship Hexagons, and yeet computers through Productivity Hexagons into Hexagonal Volcanoes. There aren't many rules, just Praise Hexagon, Maximize Productivity with Hexagons, and be excellent to fellow humans or anthromorphic animals. Please refer to the Code of hexaConduct (CohC) for more information.

Praise Hexagon!