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Achieve Maximum Productivity Through the Power of Hexagons

Why Hexagons

Hexagons are the most productive shape, they have 6 sides, which makes them visually pleasing. This has been proven with very sciencey-science done by venture capitalists. This is the next step after open offices, AGILE, and beer Fridays: PRODUCTIVITY HEXAGONS!

Better Productivity through Hexagons

Whether you are a Programming Sorcerer(ess), DevOps Bard, Front End Sage, Back End Warlock, or Infosec Squirrel Hermit, you can achieve maximum productivity with the power of Hexagons. Join the Hexacult today!

Latest stories

While it is fast becoming household knowledge that Hexagons are the most productive and visually pleasing shape, "common knowledge" is nothing unless tested by the rigours of scientific and mathematical study. Recent research delves into the development and modern history of the Hexagon, it's growing use in both modern, high-tech fields and even it's appearance in natural phenomena. Read the…

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Praise Hexagon! I have finally finished the site where I will collect the lore of the HexaCult, as well as any derivative works about the HexaCult. How did this start? It started with a shitpost, as all good things in life do. What is it about? The goal of the HexaCult is simple. Maximum Productivity and Better living through Hexagons. We don't have many rules, just Praise Hexagon, Maximize…

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